Relationship Boundaries~

I think relationships have lost direction.  I mean there are unspoken rules in addition to clearly defined and spoken of rules; there are parameters; and there should be boundaries…I can’t help but think that with each advancement society makes with technology our interpersonal relational skills diminish unless we mindfully work at it.  I used to talk on the telephone when it was the only true means of communicating with another soul but with the advent of email & text messaging, I’ve since learned exactly what I like…what I prefer.  And speaking of preferences, damn those!  Preferences have singlehandedly been responsible for the vast decline in a variety of areas.  Life is like shopping at OPTIONS R’US…oh you don’t like edges on your PB&J sandwich?  Well, you can buy them without, never mind having to cut it off yourself.  Oh you don’t like your breast, post breastfeeding?  Call Dr. Phenomenally Magical to get a new pair.  We live in a world where you can get what you want, as great or noxious as that may be.

These very influences affect our relationships because we have expectations that we may not have had given a different decade and given different options.  I think relationships are one of those things where less is more, where holding fast to some tradition can be growth & longevity inducing.  Some things shouldn’t go along with the times, because some things are never in fashion.  Your relationship shouldn’t have to keep up with the fast pace of the rat race.  Things that were once held sacred are dying, the human holds very little in high regard, because it’s OK to be our f*cked up dysfunctional selves because alas we are acceptable to someone somewhere regardless of the depravity of one’s behavior.  I think people have lost the art of simplicity in their relationships, and it would do us well to reclaim those simple things, no brainers.  Put the ego’s aside and act with common sense…if you said you were gonna come straight home after work, then come straight home.  Except for the random one off phone calls with people you never speak to that you couldn’t predict, then you shouldn’t be having side conversations with random people, acquaintances, friends, etc. (specifically of the opposite sex).  If some of you were able to manage this, you wouldn’t need pass-codes on your phone or you wouldn’t feel the need to take it with you every where you go…i.e. including the bathroom & the bed.  First of all, leave that sh*t outside of the bathroom & bed.  When did that sh*t become OK?  How are you Face booking from bed?  There is a time for everything, word.  AND that’s another aspect of whats getting lost…there is a time for Face booking & bullsh*tting.  When its couple time, it about you 2. One on one without the accoutrements of the world infiltrating the true precious moments you have in a day.  You spend hours at work, hours doing this or that (shopping, cooking, meeting, partying, etc.) which leaves less time to connect with your partner.  What does it say about the state of affairs btwn the two of you if you prefer to surf the internet?  Or chat on the phone with your people, discussing mundane drudgeries?  This isn’t to say that people shouldn’t do the things that they like to do or need to do…its to say that you’ve got to strike a serious balance.  Unless it’s an emergency, others should know not to call your phone past a certain hour or before it.  Relaxed manners, there were just some things that my generation didn’t do while growing up, also known as training.  People had home training & it was evident in the way they behaved.  Those niceties get lost on each other in our day to day interactions.   From the lady who doesn’t say thank you when you hold the door for her.  Or the guy who cuts you off in traffic, the old lady who bumps you as you walk by, the good morning you exclaim and no one answers, the lack of please & thank you’s…we’re just not doing the best with common niceties, to strangers & people we claim to love.  Lost…is beyond where things appear to be, sad times.  What do we do?
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If I died…what would they say about my life…

Some 3 years ago I was asked (I get asked a lot of stuff by the brilliant in my midst)?
If you were to depart (i.e. die) this earth today what would they say about your life? Would it differ from what you would want them to say? If so how and why would it differ? I am just curious.
My answer:
1st of all who is “they”?
If I were to depart this earth today, before anyone said anything about my life I want them to read a prewritten letter not yet written that would say:  Thank you, for acknowledging my life, that I meant something to you, if even a little.  To say that you loved or hated me is not my concern now, because it wasn’t while I was alive…however I respect you for having respect for me to show here to give comfort & lend support to those closest to me, who need it the most (presuming there is a “ceremony” & “they” attend).
To my beloved children, please know that I chose to have you and that I wanted you.  No one loved you more than me, to that I solemnly swear.  I hope that you forgive me for my shortcomings and for the areas where I failed you, I hope that one day you can fully understand what a heavy call to duty being a parent is.  You were my reasons for fighting forward and pushing onward, you were my peace & solace.  You kept me alive with your smiles and innocence & promise.  An only child given 2 precious human beings to help me soften the hard edges that living life caused.  I thank you for being in my life.  There are no words that can capture the depth of feeling & emotion & love & thoughts & everything that you both mean to me.
Should my death precede my mother’s & if it doesn’t-I want this said! speak it into the universe so that wherever she is, she can hear me.  I love you.
I struggled with my less than stellar behavior as a daughter, you deserved better than I gave.  I thank you for your strength, and for your example.
To the women who connected with me on a soul level, I thank you.  I thank you for the reflections of myself, either the good or the bad, the things lacking and the things well or over developed.  The spiritual connection has been a divine gift, by grace I was bestowed the honor of your friendship.
~Please play Donny Hathaways “A Song For You” three times (in succession)~
What “they” said would depend on who “they” were, it will undoubtedly vary & that’s a promise.  Areas where it’s impossible to argue: I was a stickler for specifics, I held you to what you said, not what you meant.  Always on time & impatient with other’s who practiced tardiness.  My word was my bond.  I had high standards for all interactions with other humans, including children & I didnt issue any passes and didn’t cosign any bullshit. Tough, fearless, honest to a fault & at times brutal, almost too much.  Agressive, mannish, unemotional, robotic titanium, stern/mean, and no nonsense inspite of my petite frame.  I was an excellent enough of a mother w/o question! that I was forward thinking & acting.  A go getter, driven, determined and focused.  Thought I was right most times & not many people could tell me different.  A reveler, a partaker of the arts, all things cultural, a traveler, a lover of experiences, places, things, including passionate beautiful men.  Liked and lost many, loved a few.  One who said no to marriage twice (don’t count the 3rd), cause it never “felt” right…who believed that it just wasn’t in the stars for me (but open to the surprise of).  It wasn’t my story, the white dress, ring & husband (but open to the surprise of).  Schemain gave it to you raw & real.  “They” often said that you either loved or hated me, simply no in between (though I know a few who fell in that category).  Addicted to luxury, in a humble way & accepted other’s despite what they were drawn to.  I don’t think anyone would question that I lived open, without rules, without shame.  As much as was w/in my control, I did it my way.  Loyal & trustworthy, my actions were genuine.  A tough exterior, hard to crack & it didn’t usually.  They loved me despite & for that I was grateful and truly appreciative.  Gifted with the tongue, and the written word, a resource.  Intolerant of the slow.  A social recluse who was available for those I had high regard for.  That I hated to “talk”, would rather “write” it or type it or text it.  That I drove way too fast & perhaps not as skillfully as I thought, but regardless of what they say: I know that I had an impact on many, though that wasn’t a conscious wish & I feel somewhat accomplished.  If I said one thing to one person ever, that changed their life for the better, I am content.
I do apologize to all those I’ve wronged in ways too numerous to list.  I was a work in progress…hopefully by the time this is being read I would have gotten closer to that than any potential I possessed.  What “they” say & what I would say would differ…I feel it unecessary to mention or explain why…I just want people to tell the truth of what they knew, including knowing that they may have been wrong or very right…above all that though, I don’t care what people say about me, not now & not then.  I want them to say what they feel, but I would hope that they feel to say nothing if they have nothing good to say, out of respect for the dead.  Common deceny, just have some fucking respect. 
Schemain, an acquired taste.
“Every man’s life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived and how he died that distinguish one man from another.”
Ernest Hemingway
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On Pause~

I was asked 2 years ago by someone I respect “What is it that I wanted to be in this life”.  At the time I bookmarked it, because I wanted to answer & more importantly “think” about doing vs. being in this life. My answer given 2 years ago below:
I don’t want to romanticize my answer about “What is it that I wanted to be in this life”.  or conjure one that I think humans generally feel they have to give (to questions like this).  I don’t want to say something eloquent for the sheer excitement that embellished tales garner nor for the internal gall one summons to say it, to put it into words…things and stuff that even they don’t believe.  I am far too honest with myself to attempt to beguile others with the “words” I possess.  Past approval, past acceptance, which I’m not actively seeking, yet must want…I desire to be clear, always.  I want to be real, and authentic with myself and others even when its harsh, and ugly.  I can stand myself, thank god…
I am many things that I didn’t know I wanted to be, but I am grateful that despite ignorance and or oblivion I somehow found my way-meaning i’m not where I could be…in either realms…but more good than bad.  There, where I had no clue I wanted to be, the things I thought I wanted, in fact didn’t or learned that I wasn’t willing to work for them.  My vision has often been short sighted, years that I never believed would come…simply because my view of “time” was skewed.  Thinking things further than they actually were, approaching 1993 and passing it-with a new baby.
While lost and misguided… time kept ticking.  3 1/2 years and another baby~years beyond what I couldn’t fathom reaching and no thought of repair.  Another 5, and then 5 more years.  All the while my plans, and dreams once wished for/hoped for were falling through cracks, at times due to my own sabotage, irresponsibility, negligence and much much sacrifice leading to a level of demise/mediocrity (at least outwardly so, circumstantially).  Beating heart within flesh, functioning being….a rote existence (quasi).  I find myself in average circumstances, quantifiable and yet somehow I continue to feel extraordinary.
I am bursting to “be” what I feel, what I believe that I am, though words escape any true description because I perhaps don’t really know what it is, what to call it.  I feel different, I feel so uniquely special yet i’m aware that there are countless people like me or enough.  Who am I to require bandages for old wounds/slights/wrongs, etc.?  Maybe I’m just mad, as in lunacy…but do the insane think this way?
And hurting, at how far removed I am from actualization of any possibility, to realistically develop the underdeveloped me and wondering if it’s past…with me standing on the side watching it fade-resigned.  In all honesty I do not possess an answer to the question posed…be?  haaaaa! (insert maniacal laughter, for effect…truly) incredulously I say that I’ve had no time for me and life has, to this point consumed me.  Busy “doing” I have deferred to my detriment.  I know this all sounds so macabre, I think though that you understand.
*2 years post writing this…I realize that I was near peaking…Today, Now, Here in these moments…daily…I AM bursting at my seams, I find myself on the edge of “being”.  Stay tuned~
Schemain, an acquired taste.

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Walking Contradiction~

I am not aiming for perfection, not even attempting to come close.  I am satisfied to be this contradiction and part time hypocrite. Wherever it is that you find me on my journey, is where I am.

Yelling at the height of my road age or yielding for the car juxtaposed oddly in traffic.  Fucking your husband if I choose or refusing to because he is.  Flipping you the bird or telling you to kiss my ass and meaning it for what ever reason I deem fit.  Scooping heaps of food on plates at a shelter, unable to maintain eye contact because I understand that in life you can end up anywhere.  
A scathing bitch or your best friend.  Trusted confidant or your worst enemy.  Unscrupulous nemesis or your biggest cheerleader, your number one fan and supporter.  Information sharer, minimal gossip or vaulted secret keeper.  Caring too much or not caring at all.  Being compassionate or not !! Those are all my decisions to make.
Charities contributed to; money loaned; time spent; sicknesses nursed;  I am the personification of  friendship epitomized.  Flower sender, card writer, birthday acknowledger’.  Lover, loving, loved.   Stalemate winner, Ice cold shoulder giver.  Abortion having or life giving.  Food stamp using or six figure making.  I won’t steal but I might beg.  I don’t lie but a liar, truth teller, even if you cannot handle it. Quiet observer or loud cusser!!  Partier or social recluse.  Nerdy homebody or galavanting lady of the night (galant de nuit).  A real standup person who’ll spit on your car or you, if I have to.  A real lion* willing to go toe2toe & blow4blow if you take it there.
High road taker or low road walker, it just all depends on the day.  I’ll meet you on your ground, your terms & the victor I’ll always be.  Why?Because my truth is my own to claim without shame.  I am my own work in progress and no one has any power over me!  I walk in my light…and in my truth…and that makes me “unstoppable”.

I have opened my home for those without one; offered a place to stay when there was no hotel or safe haven; pampered others with surprises and showered them with gifts just so they would feel appreciated and my words have demolished those who felt up for the task of “tearing me down” and conversely my words have soothed savage souls and my advice consoled–whether it was asked of me, or not…whether those who received cared or didn’t, never truly mattered & it never will.  I give wholeheartedly as I am “moved” to & show up delivering consistently, not for praise, not for thank you’s, nor accolades–I do so because of the light within.

Being at my best and doing my best is only for me.  Being at my worst and doing my worst is only about me.  I am content in my skin because I know that “external” factors don’t matter.  Certainly not the opinions or feelings and thoughts of others (who by the way can’t manage any better in their own lives).
This ^ is just some of what I am, I choose to be me withOUT apology to you for any of that.  I can go on all day about the dichotomy that is me, but let me stop bordering on narcissism ;0) (even though the schadenfreude in some of you would rather I be self conscious and insecure, I’m laughing at you!).
Other people can’t tell me shit about “me”–because I KNOW who I am (learn yourselves).  I actually don’t care who stands in judgment of me (remember most people ain’t shit).  I feel sorry for the self-righteous; pity the conscious, and shake my head at the holier than thou’s. Because those types hide behind titles scared to make a move, any move, but especially the wrong move & instead of working on those shortcomings they’d rather talk about those of others.  Suggestion:  Get a life.  Matter-of-fact just start living yours (because if you were unaware, you’re a hypocrite too!).
Therefore let me go back to either doing my good deeds or my bad deeds.  Yesterday I was one act short of sainthood and today well you know what I am today.
Excuse me…you in the glass house, lemme take those stones since you won’t be needing them to pelt my way (I don’t live in a glass house & I’ll be needing them to pelt at you)!.

What Do Women Want?

by: Kim Addonizia

I want a red dress.

I want it flimsy and cheap,

I want it too tight, I want to wear it

until someone tears it off me.

I want it sleeveless and backless,

this dress, so no one has to guess

what’s underneath. I want to walk down

the street past Thrifty’s and the hardware store

with all those keys glittering in the window,

past Mr. and Mrs. Wong selling day-old

donuts in their café, past the Guerra brothers

slinging pigs from the truck and onto the dolly,

hoisting the slick snouts over their shoulders.

I want to walk like I’m the only

woman on earth and I can have my pick.

I want that red dress bad.

I want it to confirm your worst fears about me,

to show you how little I care about you

or anything except what

I want. When I find it, I’ll pull that garment

from its hanger like I’m choosing a body

to carry me in this world, through

the birth-cries and the love-cries too,

and I’ll wear it like bones, like skin,

it’ll be the goddamned

dress they bury me in.

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The mystery of humans…

We, none of us have the answers.  As much as we may have figured out certain things, there are just some other things we haven’t (and may never). 

The conundrum I find most fascinating is doing something you wouldn’t ordinarily do (or that you claim you wouldn’t).  Perhaps even doing something “wrong”.  The compulsion of thoughts leading to an act or repeated actions that fit either of those 2 categories.

What I do know is that we each have to figure out our own shit without the input and influence of others.  You know why? Because others have their own shit to figure out and really can’t begin to tell others how they should handle anything.  Of course that isn’t to say that if you have relevant experience in a particular area that you don’t share those gems, by all means do so while fully understanding that your goal is only to impart wisdom or add value, not force other people to do or see things your way (after all it may have only worked for you). 

I am intrigued by these 2 things: 
1. This notion of moth to a flame.  “Like a moth to a flame” is an old saying that is used as an analogy to describe how one person is attracted to another person — drawn to them — like a moth is drawn to the light and heat of an open flame.  {This precede’s being burned}. :0)

2. Or that of deer caught in headlights.  It is an expression that means that you are too stunned to move.  In other words you are terrified.  It comes from when you catch a deer in your headlights and they just freeze. {Usually right before you hit em}! :0)

Maybe we (humans) are no better than these animals we regard as foolish.  Just dumb for no reason other than the sake of stupidity.  Maybe just maybe what we are supposed to do is give in to the light and get burned or stay stuck, eyes big & wide waiting to get struck down.  Life’s perpetual cycle of lessons becomes quite tiring, especially given that it is usually tied to pain or some form of discomfort.  Lessons don’t typically “feel” good.  Granted and thankfully some are easier to come by; to get; to learn; and or experience/go through.

I’m feeling like this stuff mightttt (big might) border on some form of eternal optimism, which lives inside many of us, no matter how big or small.  Some of us carry with us a hope, a yearning, a desire that maybe this is different.  You know why?  Because it might be & then there are those who conversely believe more in the probability of…and who may take a pessimistic position, only an individual can say/determine for him/herself the path he/she must/will take.

I’ve heard (as an exploratory concept), that people are attracted to pain…hence the various levels of self sabotage we engage in–affecting our lives and unfortunately those of others, often times beyond repair.  Manifesting cycles of our own woundedness, and like moths to a flame being constantly lured by something we can’t quite explain. 

A myriad of songs explore this very topic, with lines like “if loving you is wrong then I don’t wanna be right”.  I won’t even list out the countless sentiments similar to that…it is this weak admittance of one’s inability to resist something* bad for ya as if that’s ok. 

Sometimes it’s easier to determine when the stakes are too high if money is involved.  The big question is how can you tell when it’s your heart (before you get burned or struck the hell down)?

Schemain, an acquired taste~

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Role Reversal, Black or White…

This is what I’d like…

I want the world racially opposite from what it is.  I do not mean I’d like utopia to exist—what it means is that I’d like things “just” the way they are only I want white people to be what black people are in the world.

As a black person when I walk into a store, I want the presumption to be that I’m there to spend money and not to shoplift & I’d like to say no I don’t need help because I in fact don’t, not because I’m trying to tell you to go fuck yourself w/o actually saying that because I am actually “shopping”.  Or not saying—bitch I didn’t ask for help, stop profiling me.  Black people can’t do anything in peace and without provocation.  Let me elaborate…I head out of the house and I’m profiled soon as I exit my door, the peace begins to dissipate, slowly and surely.  I get into my car and aside from normal worries about taillights working, obeying the speed limit, not following the car in front of me too closely—I gotta consider that being black is enough provocation to get my ass pulled over, the upside though is at least I’m a woman because the black man has less chances than I do to make it to the corner store in “peace”.

I want white people to walk into a store and on 93 out of the 100 magazines on the shelf, see a black face.  Blacks frolicking in all sorts of splendor, you know just living and doing things worthy of being placed on almost “every” magazine cover, wait…and on top of that…have the pages be filled with guess what? More black people doing stuff that white people can or cannot relate to, wearing stuff they can or cannot afford.

I want white people to peruse the aisles of the grocery store; neighborhood store; big chain discount stores (the “marts” of the world); the book store; the greeting card store; every store & any store and everywhere they turn see images of black people emblazoned on 98% of everything almost everywhere they go in the world.  Movie covers & movies, posters & billboards, barbies & baby dolls on shelves (I’d like to know how many times a white mother has gone into the biggest toy store in the world & not found a white doll on the shelf, like when I went into the same store and couldn’t find a “black” doll on the shelf for my kid’s birthday, that’s some really crazy shit and what’s crazier is that she was with me).  Talk about things being askew.

I want black faces on the front of greeting cards & not just the ones in the “black section”.  I want black faces pictured on coffee mugs, our images on t-shirts, the front of notebooks, vacation brochures, TV shows, TV commercials, foreign films, food items…just every fucking thing.  Wherever a white face exists today, put a black one in its place and thennnnn let’s chat about some shit.  I want a white section in those stores too, like the ethnic sections in the supermarkets and “marts” of the world—because yes of course, we’re inclusive of everyone, you see this section don’t you?!

I want them to be the only white person in a hotel of only black people, everytime they stay in a hotel.  I want you to lay out by the pool and be the only white family in sight.  I want you to know what its like for me to get out of the pool because you & your kids have gotten in.  I want white people to go to the beach and not spot another white person for miles and miles…nothing but black bums and breasts getting tanned.  I want  “you” to get the “you don’t belong here” stares from 99.99% of places you go…your whole life, in most cities in the WORLD.  I want you to be able to count the white people in your office…or in a meeting…or on one hand or how many just got hired…“Oh yeah they just hired Tim…you know the tall slim white guy? Wire rimmed glasses?…yeah, there’s 3 of us in managerial roles now”.

And I want all of this not because I’m some sick racist, I’m not…I have white friends :0)!  I want this so white people can really learn what assimilating in their world is really like and how much strength & gumption is required.  Then, I want to be told to “get” over stuff or stop drudging up stuff…or that affirmative action is a tactic “we” take advantage of.  I want it all to be reversed and then told don’t be bitter, don’t be angry…stop being or coming off so strong aka black.  I want white people to have never had a white president & then when they finally get one…have black people tear him down with racial slights & blatant offenses regularly on radio & tv.  I want this, so white people can have the same reasons I have to be sick of this world and nauseous by the subliminal subversiveness that permeates every word, every image, every action big, small and seemingly so minute it never makes it onto people’s radars unless of course, they’re the underdog.  Then after unfairly treating them and discriminating for centuries, I wanna see what sort of predicaments they find themselves in & how they take to black people offering “advice”.  Then I dare them to say, race isn’t an issue.  It is very much an issue…because the world is WHITE—of course whites have no problems with race until someone who isn’t white says something about it.  Most white people are color blind, because they never “notice” any of the shit I mention above, and you know why? Because white people never have to & frankly because they never care to.   If whites weren’t color blind, why would you need a black girl to point all of this out?

People act like this is normal. It’s not normal–it’s an unfair existence.  That’s not new, but all the aforementioned does not go unnoticed, at least not by me anyway!

Signed, tired of the bombardment~

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1.  To all borrowers’:  Return a borrowed item, before the loaner has to ask – pssst…come here (gesturing with pointer finger)…that also includes money!!  If you can’t do either of those things, don’t borrow other people’s stuff!!  Get your own stuff, why you riding mine? (Thanks for the line lil’ Kim).


2.  To people who like to tell other’s what they think without solicitation:  Do not misconstrue with #3 below.  This is for instances where you weren’t “asked” what you thought, you just offered it as if it were welcomed & as if it was “OK” for you to do so (perhaps based on friendship/relationship & the closeness or length of either or both).  Simply feeling like you know someone does not “give” you room to say what you “think” whenever it is that you “think” it.  Even conversations had in past moments and times does not give you a pass to comment freely, nor does it give you the authority.  The most important reason you should refrain from this behavior is this:  you are yourself flawed and regrettable and hypocritical, how can you offer any reprimands?  I don’t do it—proudly I can say that it isn’t a practice of mine.  There has never been an unsolicited occurrence where I just told someone what I thought (well rarely maybe).   I never “jump” in the midst of any happening to interject a thought, or opinion…NOT because I do not possess any, but because I understand my place.  I have boundaries & I understand the unwritten rules of engagement.  I don’t rattle off freely at the mouth about anything, even if it’s to say how I feel about your life, your stuff, your situation, your man, your kids, etc. etc. etc.   Understand there are differences in joking around and being witty while engaging in a discussion.  For example, Girl 1: I don’t understand why my man expects me to do everything around the house.  Girl 2:  You better not let that man run you (and conversation continues). This is simple, isn’t it?  Friendships do not give you the right to say what you feel.  If you feel like you should be able to say how you feel whenever you feel a particular way, then do that with everyone, do not just misdirect @ your friends/loved ones.  When your boss comes over and asks you something, just say exactly how you feel, give them your unsolicited feedback & see where that lands you.  Fact is people only tell others what’s on their mind when no one has asked because they are exerting something within themselves that has nothing to actually do with you, just how they perceive you.  Meaning…they’ve been dying to tell you what they think about you, or your situation or how you handle things but never really had an opportunity to do so.  Basically, they’ve been waiting.

I can’t stand that; there is just some shit you have to resign yourself to never saying if you wish to keep certain conditions in tact.  Learn to keep your mouth shut.  Learn to reserve your personal opinion, UNLESS specifically asked.  Bite your tongue, i.e. stay in your lane; resist temptation and the urge to speak on a situation that’s probably still better than yours (if you were to size them up).  Fact is, If I wanted to, I could run down a long ass list about all that I felt about other people and the circumstances in which they exist, however…I’m busy living my own life.  If you’re over there messing up your shit, that’s fine by me.  I’m not gonna tell you about it, until (wait for it, wait for it…its coming), until you ask me or make it my business, which brings me to #3.


3.  People who like to tell other’s what’s their business vs. what’s not:  Don’t make something my business & then tell me that it isn’t.  This is what I mean, example:  You drop your baby off for me to watch, and his clothes are filthy and you have no change of clothes.  You’ve now made all of that my business, get it?  So when I say to you “why does your baby have dirty clothes & why didn’t you bring a change of clothes”?  Don’t tell me it isn’t my business.  Notha’ example:  I loaned you 50 bucks and you said you were going to pay me back when you got paid at the end of the week, yet before the end of the week & after…you’ve been out shopping & haven’t mentioned my 50 bucks or the return of it.  So when I say to you “how you shopping and buying all this stuff and I can’t get my 50 bucks”.  You can’t then say to me, that it isn’t my business.  You know why?  Because you just made it my business!!  Different example:  You claim we are a family & that we care about each other BUT there are certain things I cannot speak on because it’s not my business.  If there is one place in the world where you should be able to discuss, talk or argue about anything- – IT IS WITH FAMILY!!  If we can’t, then we’re not really family, now are we?!  Exactly.


4.  When in other people’s homes, you play by their rules:  You would think this was a no brainer, but astonishingly and apparently – – tis not.  You’d be surprised how many people are disguised as full-fledged thinkers, faking intellectualism, and foregoing common sense for opaque covered nuances.  What I’m saying is this:  When in someone else’s home you do what they say, simple…OR you don’t go, it is a really really kindergarten concept to grasp.  If at Jay’s house he doesn’t want you bringing people by with you that he doesn’t know, then a) Come alone or b) Don’t come at all.  But you can’t tell Jay that there is something wrong with his wish – – why? It’s his blasted house!!  If Gracie Ann doesn’t like smoking in the house, then a) Don’t smoke in the house or b) Don’t go to Gracie Ann’s house.  You can’t tell Gracie what or how she should govern her home.  In a heated debate, you cannot tell your hostess Schemain…that a topic isn’t her business, by default, anything taking place under her roof is her business – – including conversations.  The only way it wouldn’t be my business is if you took it OUT of my house.  If you’re in my house with your words and actions in tow, that is my business, Simple.  If you feel like something doesn’t concern me, make sure everything that pertains to you also falls into that category, including but not limited to…you needing favors from me.  If you need me for nothing, then need me for nothing.  Miss me with all of that & get out my house, that’s how I roll.  It’s my way or the highway (when you’re in my house).  You don’t run this, I do & when I come to your house, I’ll follow your rules…Simple.  Comprende?

5.  Know when to take an “L”.  Know when to cut your losses:  Again this seems to be an insurmountable task for many many people.  In life you have to be able to look at a thing for what it is—not what you want it to be.  You’ll save yourself a lot of headache and unnecessary BS.  Its learning when to pick your battles based on the sizing of things.  Yes of course you could be David and that thing, Goliath.  Sure these victories occur & sure you could win today…however…more often than not…there is a gun fight and lots of times, everybody goes down in a hail of bullets with no survivors living to tell the tale .  And hey, that might be how you want to go out, smoke; sirens; police; blood; guts & gore.  Strangely & maybe call it selfish but I find no glory in getting my ass kicked, literally or figuratively.  I’d rather regroup, rethink, re-evaluate & rebound when the time is right.  Ahhhh…that was a nugget there…when the “TIME” is right.  Learning when the time is right is tied to enlightenment-which one only attains through growth, through learning lessons, through self sacrifice & tests.  Ego’s are the death of people, there have been bloody battles and egregious wars fought because some guy didn’t like how that other guy walked over here.  As understandable as that might be—can you win this thing?  And if not what does sacrificing a win teach you or how does it make your position better?  If it doesn’t, take your “L” (loss)—and live another day.

As always until next time, act like you know!

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