Role Reversal, Black or White…

This is what I’d like…

I want the world racially opposite from what it is.  I do not mean I’d like utopia to exist—what it means is that I’d like things “just” the way they are only I want white people to be what black people are in the world.

As a black person when I walk into a store, I want the presumption to be that I’m there to spend money and not to shoplift & I’d like to say no I don’t need help because I in fact don’t, not because I’m trying to tell you to go fuck yourself w/o actually saying that because I am actually “shopping”.  Or not saying—bitch I didn’t ask for help, stop profiling me.  Black people can’t do anything in peace and without provocation.  Let me elaborate…I head out of the house and I’m profiled soon as I exit my door, the peace begins to dissipate, slowly and surely.  I get into my car and aside from normal worries about taillights working, obeying the speed limit, not following the car in front of me too closely—I gotta consider that being black is enough provocation to get my ass pulled over, the upside though is at least I’m a woman because the black man has less chances than I do to make it to the corner store in “peace”.

I want white people to walk into a store and on 93 out of the 100 magazines on the shelf, see a black face.  Blacks frolicking in all sorts of splendor, you know just living and doing things worthy of being placed on almost “every” magazine cover, wait…and on top of that…have the pages be filled with guess what? More black people doing stuff that white people can or cannot relate to, wearing stuff they can or cannot afford.

I want white people to peruse the aisles of the grocery store; neighborhood store; big chain discount stores (the “marts” of the world); the book store; the greeting card store; every store & any store and everywhere they turn see images of black people emblazoned on 98% of everything almost everywhere they go in the world.  Movie covers & movies, posters & billboards, barbies & baby dolls on shelves (I’d like to know how many times a white mother has gone into the biggest toy store in the world & not found a white doll on the shelf, like when I went into the same store and couldn’t find a “black” doll on the shelf for my kid’s birthday, that’s some really crazy shit and what’s crazier is that she was with me).  Talk about things being askew.

I want black faces on the front of greeting cards & not just the ones in the “black section”.  I want black faces pictured on coffee mugs, our images on t-shirts, the front of notebooks, vacation brochures, TV shows, TV commercials, foreign films, food items…just every fucking thing.  Wherever a white face exists today, put a black one in its place and thennnnn let’s chat about some shit.  I want a white section in those stores too, like the ethnic sections in the supermarkets and “marts” of the world—because yes of course, we’re inclusive of everyone, you see this section don’t you?!

I want them to be the only white person in a hotel of only black people, everytime they stay in a hotel.  I want you to lay out by the pool and be the only white family in sight.  I want you to know what its like for me to get out of the pool because you & your kids have gotten in.  I want white people to go to the beach and not spot another white person for miles and miles…nothing but black bums and breasts getting tanned.  I want  “you” to get the “you don’t belong here” stares from 99.99% of places you go…your whole life, in most cities in the WORLD.  I want you to be able to count the white people in your office…or in a meeting…or on one hand or how many just got hired…“Oh yeah they just hired Tim…you know the tall slim white guy? Wire rimmed glasses?…yeah, there’s 3 of us in managerial roles now”.

And I want all of this not because I’m some sick racist, I’m not…I have white friends :0)!  I want this so white people can really learn what assimilating in their world is really like and how much strength & gumption is required.  Then, I want to be told to “get” over stuff or stop drudging up stuff…or that affirmative action is a tactic “we” take advantage of.  I want it all to be reversed and then told don’t be bitter, don’t be angry…stop being or coming off so strong aka black.  I want white people to have never had a white president & then when they finally get one…have black people tear him down with racial slights & blatant offenses regularly on radio & tv.  I want this, so white people can have the same reasons I have to be sick of this world and nauseous by the subliminal subversiveness that permeates every word, every image, every action big, small and seemingly so minute it never makes it onto people’s radars unless of course, they’re the underdog.  Then after unfairly treating them and discriminating for centuries, I wanna see what sort of predicaments they find themselves in & how they take to black people offering “advice”.  Then I dare them to say, race isn’t an issue.  It is very much an issue…because the world is WHITE—of course whites have no problems with race until someone who isn’t white says something about it.  Most white people are color blind, because they never “notice” any of the shit I mention above, and you know why? Because white people never have to & frankly because they never care to.   If whites weren’t color blind, why would you need a black girl to point all of this out?

People act like this is normal. It’s not normal–it’s an unfair existence.  That’s not new, but all the aforementioned does not go unnoticed, at least not by me anyway!

Signed, tired of the bombardment~


About fanciesherself

Schemain Duncan is an American grown, Brooklyn bred intellectually gifted Writer, Wordsmith and Life Coach currently residing in Atlanta. She writes a provocative and controversial blog from the atypical new woman’s perspective about the subliminal and subversive memes that infiltrate & affect the dynamics between Black men and Black women, inclusive of other interracial issues with hopes that her raw, sharp edged words will create dialogue and help to shift perspectives. Digest at your leisure~ Her way with words has found another creative outlet with a unique greeting card line aptly called “Honestly Speaking” which captures what others don't and that says what you are really feeling and seeking to communicate in all of the "in between" moments. All photography are original works, see both by visiting...
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2 Responses to Role Reversal, Black or White…

  1. Lara Belle says:

    Very True Schemain! But I just want to know who invented the idea of division. Id like to mark the day a person devised the first strategy of empowering ones self by making another feel less powerful. And than tell me who was the first fool who fell for it. Two people standing on the center of the earth wearing the exact same thing standing at the exact same height breathing the same air existing in the same condition one difference how each one views himself. Now tell me the day when that fool takes his power back and fights the pain inflicted upon him not with vengence but with peace. Long ago If you asked a runaway slave how he lived in slavery how he could live as a slave for so long most would respond that in my MIND I was ALWAYS free. Though it may be nice and a catalyst for true change, role reversal is not an option. So I laugh at the fool who tells me in words and action that they are better than me because of race, clothes, money, education, etc.. all these lies people tell themselves to make them feel good about themselves. Because weather I was born white or weather I was born black it is my heart that will be judged nothing else.
    “I am the captain of my soul. I am the owner of my fate.” Nelson Mandela

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