I’m not hating~U’s simply a non-motherf*cking factor b*tch!!

Let’s face it, Kat Williams made that “hater” shit infamous & to be honest, it’s HILARIOUS.  He actually wasn’t lying either, but c’mon people…we’re taking the “hater” thing a bit too far.  Yeah we all have some hater’s in the midst, some real schadenfreudes’s lurking behind phony stiff smiles and camouflaged “nice” words.  But everyone who doesn’t give you a well wish doesn’t wish bad for you either.
We all know the tell tale signs of true hateration, and you can also tell if someone just doesn’t like you.  There’s a difference and I think people are confusing the 2 or are simply unaware of the nuances that differentiate the 2.  I may not like someone, but also not hate on their accomplishments etc.  For instance I’m not mad at JLo and her accomplishments (if you can call them that) and though I’ve never met her…I just can’t stand something about her.  It’s like seeing a cute girl in a cute outfit, but just not liking her vibe or her for that matter.  You can give it up to her where its due but not in the areas where it isn’t.  My point is, people want to sum things up as if they “know” why a thing is the way it is or why people respond to them in the way they do.  I’m not being negative, or hating on you boo, I just don’t think you’re talented, gifted, special or smart (that’s all).
Fact is, people aren’t going to always be impressed with you, what you do, what you look like, what you drive, how creative you are, or for that matter — who you are.  You might “glitter” around your dull circle of friends, but that doesn’t make you a star!  So don’t be mad at me for feeling like you’re a dud, treating you like your’e a dud and most important, telling you I think you’re a dud. You sparkle big and quick and like most things that are short lived, quickly forgotten and cast aside never to be thought of again.  In the words of my b*tch Evelyn (Basketball Wives, go team Evelyn)…You’s simply a non-mutherfucking factor b*tch!!
Check your ego chick, every conversation or comment ain’t about you.  Every whisper or eye roll, ain’t about you.  Every Facebook status update ain’t about you.  Every slight, ain’t directed at you, but people love looking for injury and offenses and of course when you do, you’re gonna “find” them.  Everybody ain’t against you or what you’re trying to accomplish, maybe…and just maybe…people just don’t believe in your abilities.  I for one don’t and I don’t have to, if you succeed, great for you & if you don’t, so fucking what, it makes me no nevermind cause newsflash, you don’t do shit for me anyway!!! So why would I care if you failed or not.  B*tch do you~
Why am I hating if I genuinely want to know how you in the gym everyday with no kids and I still look better than you, with 2 kids?  That’s a real damn question.  No hate emanating from over here sweetie, just truth.  Because I’m unapologetic about who I am, personality and otherwise…my delivery is straight no chaser, and I get how that may be intimidating for some (but really, that’s on you…not me).  If I create a challenge to you, why must I then be considered the one who’s threatened or insecure?…ahhhhhhh I don’t think so ~ I just think your shit is that lame.  No debbie downer over here, your ideas are just that bad and I feel like someone has to tell you that & if you ask, I will (and maybe even if you don’t ask).
Also, I’ll support your cause once, but I’m not a bandwagon jumper on’er for the sake of jumping on or maintaining “friendships” with people who don’t know me & vice versa.  Seriously, If I gave last year, why would you think that every year I’m gonna give to you and your shit?  Maybe there are 10 other people with 10 other causes and maybe I wanna support someone else this year.  But people don’t think about that…they think, I invited her and she didn’t come.  Fact is, people think about themselves, selfish assholes.  B*tch I don’t have to tell you why I decline anything, unless I choose to.  But please be clear that I don’t owe it to you.
And I’m not done yet, that also means, no I’m not buying girl or boy scout cookies (plus I think they’re nasty ever since the ingredients got “healthier”).  So tell your little boy Buddy or little girl Susie I won’t be contributing to the new badge on that cute little vest.  No, I don’t want your pizza’s and pies or fruit baskets either, matter of fact just walk past my desk with all that bullshit.  I’m not hating, or being negative — I just know exactly what I like and what I want and that ain’t it.  AND I’m not gonna just buy it to support your shit when you don’t ever support any of my shit….and the reason may be due to the fact that I don’t ask anybody for shit (what a novel idea).  Fundraisers for my kids, I buy the damn tickets…cause by the time I could get to you….you’re worn out from all the damn orders you’ve placed trying to be “nice”!  You got pretzels coming from jack on the 3rd floor.  Jill on the 8th floor in finance has an order of hard ass gummy bears for you and Rick in the mail room has some other shit you ordered….and you did all this so their kids, who you don’t know & if you did might not like, can enter to win a contest for a Sony walkman? GTFOH (translation, get the fuck outta here).
I’m really tired of all yal lying asses, too afraid to say what you really feel and what you really think.  I have no respect for cowards, it might make you “nicer” but you’s a nice punk (just know that about yourself).  And for the record, all babies ain’t cute, yal could stop saying that shit, cause you sound dumb!! What you’re spouting isn’t even possible.  I know many of us parents, were initially a little unsure about our own damn kids (and still might be)…so don’t tell me that this bonafide magilla gorilla is a cutie.  You can front for others or your God if you want to…(cause that’s the mindset isn’t it).  “All people are beautiful, there is something beautiful about all of us”.  To say um, well he has nice “hair” implies you think he’s ugly — so just say that!  The ability to tell the truth is quite liberating, It really is.  I wish that for everyone!! The ability to just keep it real.  AND I’m not talking about picking fights and tapping people on the shoulder to tell them what you think of them…I’m talking about should the opportunity arise then feel free to be truthful.  If a chic says, I feel like you don’t like me — feel free to tell her if you do or don’t and why, since she’s asking.

So if ever you thought, I was one of your haters, trust me, most people don’t even make it on my radar for me to “hate”.  IDC (if you’re a real friend of mine, you know exactly what this means because I say it all the time) — I DON’T CARE.  For me to be worried about you*, I’d have to take ten steps back & I’m way ahead of you on so many levels.  So don’t get it twisted ~ I just don’t “dig” you or your shit.  So keep doing what you do, and I’m gonna keep doing what I do.  I’m not hating, I’m simply indifferent and honestly, unimpressed.  Therefore & finally, if I have not said it to you directly (since the opportunity may have never arisen)….I’m just not that into you!
*I’m perfectly aware of the grammar, etc. IDC.  And “you” only applies to you if you want it to.
As always, until next time…act like you know~

About fanciesherself

Schemain Duncan is an American grown, Brooklyn bred intellectually gifted Writer, Wordsmith and Life Coach currently residing in Atlanta. She writes a provocative and controversial blog from the atypical new woman’s perspective about the subliminal and subversive memes that infiltrate & affect the dynamics between Black men and Black women, inclusive of other interracial issues with hopes that her raw, sharp edged words will create dialogue and help to shift perspectives. Digest at your leisure~ Her way with words has found another creative outlet with a unique greeting card line aptly called “Honestly Speaking” which captures what others don't and that says what you are really feeling and seeking to communicate in all of the "in between" moments. All photography are original works, see both by visiting... http://honestlyspeaking.weebly.com/
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2 Responses to I’m not hating~U’s simply a non-motherf*cking factor b*tch!!

  1. Danywith1n says:

    Pretty big paint brush Main, I think you stroked it well.

  2. Tameka says:

    Schemain, this is freaking HILARIOUS!!!! Too funny. Lol!

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